Working for free

Josquin Desprez didn’t work for free.

By Miranda Wilson

I was surprised to read in the British press this week that Olympics organizers were apparently asking musicians to perform for free. Professional musicians get this sort of thing quite frequently from would-be presenters who are ignorant of our profession, but one expects better from the Olympics committee.

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Changing tastes

By Miranda Wilson

When my daughter was born, kind friends gave me CDs of nursery rhymes and other music specifically designed for children. The other day I finally pulled the plastic wrappers off them and put one into the stereo to try it out.

It was an arrangement of “The Wheels on the Bus Go Round, Round, Round” in a pop-ish style, sung in that overly enthusiastic, exaggerated, cajoling tone that people use to convince recalcitrant toddlers to eat their vegetables. I was instantly repelled and was about to turn it off and put on some good┬ámusic (Mahler sprang to mind, for some reason) when I looked at my daughter, who was sitting in her rocker.

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