Dogs with perfect pitch

This video of a golden retriever trained to have what appears to be perfect pitch has been going around the internet recently.

This should inspire anyone struggling with music theory. It is no easy thing to train someone to have “a good ear,” but if a dog can do it, a human must be able to!


One thought on “Dogs with perfect pitch

  1. The use of hand signals initially helped – these were obvious. But in the second demonstration, playing notes to a pitch-pipe, the poor dog had to cope (a) with a dreadfully out -of-tune pitch pipe- it was a considerable fraction lower than the keyboard -and (b) with the fact that the pitch pipe was an ‘octave’ above the pitch of the keyboard.However (c) the last demo, of the dog learning to play a tune, was more convincing, and indeed a demonstartion of Pavlovian dogs’ skills. Fun!


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