Recordings and accessibility

By Miranda Wilson

I don’t normally like to get all “When I was your age…” on my students, because they’re not much more than a decade my junior, but I sometimes feel compelled to remind them how accessible recorded music is to them. When I ask them a question about, say, Le sacre du printemps and get a roomful of surprised expressions, I just have to throw a little fit and tell them how easy it is for them to open their laptops (or switch on their smartphones) and, with the click of a button, have the choice of dozens of recordings of pretty much anything.

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By Miranda Wilson

Australian colleagues are outraged at the news that the Australian National University is restructuring its School of Music. Prompted by a large budget deficit, ANU administrators have decided on a “curriculum change” that apparently discontinues the performance-based Bachelor of Music programme in the hopes of attracting more enrolments from a significantly different demographic. This change enables them–surprise!–to cut around half their music teaching jobs.

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