Idaho Bach Festival

Bach lovers living in the Northern Idaho/Eastern Washington region should plan on coming to our upcoming Idaho Bach Festival here at the University of Idaho on October 25-26! Directed by my wonderful choral director colleague Dr. Michael Murphy, this annual festival is growing ever bigger and better. The theme this year is “Bach and His Contemporaries,” and the opening concert features yours truly playing the continuo part of Vivaldi’s Double Trumpet Concerto, the Prelude from Suite No. 5, and another continuo part for BWV 43, “Gott fähret auf mit Jauchzen” (delightfully translated as “God goeth up with shouting”).

This year we have two distinguished guests, the organist Gail Archer and the conductor and tenor Jeffrey Thomas. It promises to be an exciting two days. Best of all, admission is free! Free admission is a philosophy dear to the hearts of the organizing committee, of which I am a member. Bach is also dear to our hearts!