Katherine Mansfield, cellist

By Miranda Wilson

People who know me well know that I’ve been a bit obsessed with Katherine Mansfield since I was a schoolgirl. It wasn’t just that she was New Zealand’s most famous writer and I wanted to be a writer, it was also something to do with her rebelliousness. I liked to imagine that I would one day become New Zealand’s second most disobedient daughter. (Didn’t really work. KM was far more impressively disobedient.)

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The Muggle Résumé

By Miranda Wilson

I heard a great expression the other day on the Twitterverse. Muggle résumé. In the Harry Potter novels, a non-wizard is called a Muggle. Living costs money, so sometimes we wizards musicians have to get Muggle jobs where we apply some of our non-wizard skills. Our music résumé will be full of wizardry like species counterpoint (that’s our version of Defense Against the Dark Arts), and our Muggle résumé … won’t.

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