Zoom Updates for Musicians

What it looks like

I’ve written a lot about remote teaching and Zoom, a modality I enjoy. Today I learned that the latest update includes some goodies especially for those of us who teach and learn music via Zoom. Here’s what you do:

1. Go to the Zoom website and download/install the most recent update, 5.2.2.

2. Open the Zoom app and start a new meeting. (A meeting for one, that is.)

3. Go to Audio Settings -> Advanced -> and select “High fidelity music mode.”

I’ve already noticed a big improvement. How have your experiences been?


One thought on “Zoom Updates for Musicians

  1. Hi fellow musicians, including Serenader friends, I just received this tip from Miranda, have not tried it yet, but hope you will try this update and let me know if your sound quality improves.

    Kevin Morrill (Flutist, vocalist, caregiver)


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