Strings Review of “The Well-Tempered Cello: Life with Bach’s Cello Suites”

It was exciting to wake up to the news that Strings had reviewed The Well-Tempered Cello.

Something the reviewer said reminds me that I’d like to have more of my own recordings of Bach up on YouTube, since right now I only have a live performance of the First Suite (in a COVID mask…) and a handful of audio recordings of movements from other suites in SoundCloud. A few readers have asked about it too. Short answer: there was a professional videographer at my Bach Marathon, but sadly his computer was stolen the day after the concert and the recordings were irretrievably lost. I haven’t (yet) secured grant funding to make a studio recording of the Suites…an expensive project, to be sure. Hopefully now the book is gaining a bit of traction, grant funders may be persuaded. Crossing my fingers…


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