“The Well-Tempered Cello” is #1 in Amazon New Releases – String Instruments!

To my astonishment and joy, I saw that The Well-Tempered Cello: Life with Bach’s Cello Suites is now #1 in New Releases for String Instruments at Amazon.

It is now available on Kindle for those who prefer an e-book.

I’m touched, grateful, and humbled at the support my book is receiving. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


Ways to Read “The Well-Tempered Cello: Life with Bach’s Cello Suites” by Miranda Wilson

Thanks so much to all the people who have already bought my book. I deeply appreciate it and look forward to hearing your thoughts. If you liked my book, would you consider writing a review at the site where you purchased it?

Great news: it’s now possible to read The Well-Tempered Cello as both a print book and an e-book. Meanwhile, readers who prefer reading books from a screen have a variety of options on the other platforms. The Well-Tempered Cello will soon be available everywhere you buy books, hooray!

I’ll keep updating this post as The Well-Tempered Cello: Life with Bach’s Cello Suites appears on more and more platforms.


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My New Book! The Well-Tempered Cello by Miranda Wilson

I am thrilled to announce the publication of my second book, The Well-Tempered Cello: Life with Bach’s Cello Suites. It’s currently available on Amazon, and will soon be available on other platforms. This book, a memoir about my lifelong search for meaning and belonging in the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, was a long time in the making. I would be ecstatic and humbled if you’d consider reading it.

From the back cover:

“The Well-Tempered Cello revisits the masterpieces that form a soundtrack to a cellist’s life – the Six Cello Suites of Johann Sebastian Bach- and weaves them into a memoir of how these beloved compositions can help us interpret our own life stories.

Miranda Wilson was a child in New Zealand when she first began to learn the notes of Bach’s Cello Suites, starting with the famous Prelude in G Major. After moving to the United States for a career as a cellist, music journalist, and professor, she became obsessed with the goal of performing all six from memory in a marathon concert. Relearning and reinterpreting the Cello Suites, she realized that there is always something new to be found within their notes and melodies, as if they possess a life of their own.

In a six-part structure that resembles the arc of Bach’s cycle, The Well-Tempered Cello creates both an expressive reading of Bach’s Cello Suites and a reflection on the musician’s restless search for meaning. It is a book for music lovers who seek to know why we listen again and again to the compositions that accompany us on life’s journeys, and why music seems to listen to us too.”