Cello Thought For the Day: It’s OK To Take a Day Off From Practice Sometimes

By Miranda Wilson

My husband and I took our instruments on our honeymoon. Yes, it’s a good thing we found each other, because I’m not sure anyone else would tolerate us.

I was that undergraduate playing scales in the practice room at two in the morning.

I was the high school student who got up at five to play the cello for two hours before school, then hurried home after school for another two.

My name is Miranda, and I’m a workaholic.

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Holiday Gifts for the Cellist in Your Life

By Miranda Wilson

This is going to be the strangest festive season ever, but nothing is going to stop us doing our holiday shopping, right? Just for a moment, let’s take our minds off pandemic gloom and think about something fun instead: gift-giving! If you’ve been wondering what to get for your cello-fanatic kid, your awesome cellist friend, your school orchestra director, or someone you know who loves classical music and the cello, look no further!

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