Books To Read In A Pandemic

If heaven isn’t like this, I’m not going.

Last year I wrote about my resolution to make time for reading for pleasure, little imagining that very soon I would have a great deal of time for it.

The one good thing about being at home a lot (besides not having to drive anywhere) is that there seems to be more time for reading. What’s more, who doesn’t need a bit of escapism right now? In that spirit, I thought I’d write another post about what I’ve been reading.

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Zoom Updates for Musicians

What it looks like

I’ve written a lot about remote teaching and Zoom, a modality I enjoy. Today I learned that the latest update includes some goodies especially for those of us who teach and learn music via Zoom. Here’s what you do:

1. Go to the Zoom website and download/install the most recent update, 5.2.2.

2. Open the Zoom app and start a new meeting. (A meeting for one, that is.)

3. Go to Audio Settings -> Advanced -> and select “High fidelity music mode.”

I’ve already noticed a big improvement. How have your experiences been?